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Liquid Glass Metallic Seal-Up

  • Permanent cooling system sealer

  • Liquid glass and copper formula

  • Forms permanent copper-ceramic seal

  • Seals withstands up to 2000° F /1093° C and 3000 psi

  • For use in systems up to 6 gallons

#1008, net wt. 11.4 oz. net wt. (323 g)
For use in systems up to 12 gallons
#1116, net wt. 22.8 oz. net wt. (646 g)

Marc - Vancouver Island, BC Canada
Just wanted to say thank you for your great product, Cargo “Seal-Up”. I had a 1995 Chevrolet Lumina Sedan with a crack in the head gasket. After installing your product, my car was fixed! I saved quite a bit over the cost of the dealer installing a new head gasket, and for this I am very grateful. I’ve since recommended your product to many people. One person who owns a Honda Civic, and too, having trouble with his head gasket, installed CarGo Seal-Up, and after a short time, his car was also fixed! Needless to say, we are both believers.
Thanks again for your great product.

Tony - California
I just wanted to write to you and say “Your product really does work!”
I contacted your sales department on Tuesday, December 16th and asked about your product. The lady answering the telephone was very friendly and extremely helpful. She could tell I was upset after spending $900 because I was told I needed a new radiator and various other parts & labor… only to drive it afterward and it still overheated. I took the car back to the mechanic and was told I had a blown head gasket which would take $2,500 to repair.
I didn’t have that kind of money to throw around especially right before Christmas; so, after seeing your web site, I called and the lady even transferred me to another person who sat down with me and told me step by step how Metallic Seal-Up would fix my problems.
I did… it really did work! Now my car not only doesn’t overheat anymore… it actually is running cooler!
You made my day! And I will forever spread the word about your product. I’m sold!!!
Thank you for making my Christmas a much more enjoyable experience now!

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