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Plastic Tank Repair Kit

  • Everything needed to repair cracks and holes in tanks and housing

  • Gas or diesel fuel tanks, oil pans, transmission housing, radiators, reservoirs, portable tanks

  • No need to drain tank

  • English, Spanish, French instructions

#6522K, Plastic Tank Repair, Blister Pack

Mark -  Areleta, California
  I was a body man and learned to fix lots of stuff. I repaired my 1987 JETTA fuel pump housing with your QuikSteel plastic tank repair kit 6522kwhile it was still in the car and had gas inside of it. I opened the package, read instructions and it was as easy as it said. Your kit with the temporary leak sealer made it easy to sand and clean and then apply the sealer. Including the sand paper and alcohol cleaner pad in one kit made it the best product I have used. Congratulations to the formula guys who created a great product for us do it yourselfers.

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