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Carpet Stain and Spot Lifter 22 oz.

  • Works where others fail

  • Instantly removes coffee, blood, grease, tar, pet stains and dozens more

#900, net wt. 22 oz. (632 g) Aerosol Can

Rich Granowski - Owatonna, MN. I am sending this note to you folks because I want you to know how very pleased I am with your above noted product. I purchased a can of this spot remover a long, long time ago and never used it – I guess it got shoved to the back of my cabinet in the garage. The bar code on this can is 77336 90012. Because I didn’t realize or remember that I had it, I have been purchasing a product from Hilliardâs called Double Down for my spot cleanups with reasonable good success. Last week when I was vacuuming I saw a number of small spots on our family room carpet after our Fathers Day gathering. I was out of Double Down so I looked deep into my cabinet and saw this Blue Magic cleaner. I attacked each and every spot I came across and EVERY one of them came up without a trace. I could not believe how easy it was to use this product. After cleaning the family room spots I was returning the Blue Magic back to my garage cabinet and remembered a quarter sized black grease spot on the carpet runner on our steps between the garage and house. This spot had been there for a long time but I hadn’t tried to remove it as I thought that it was impossible to do. I took my Blue Magic cleaner, sprayed the spot, took my fingers and rubbed around on the spot and then took a terry cloth towel and dried up the area (where the spot was)….IT WAS GONE!! Wow what a product.  I am so pleased with it I almost go around now looking for spots just to see if I can remove them !! Anyway, sorry for the lengthy message but I just wanted you folks to know what a great product this is and how very satisfied I am in using it.


Vicky L. Day - Las Vegas Nevada GREAT PRODUCT: I purchased the Blue Magic Carpet stain and Spot Lifter for the first time a few months back and I liked it. I purchased a second can when the first was out. This has got to be the best spot lifter on the planet! We have a new dog that has accidents and the spot comes off completely when I use it. Now for the finale: I had a sweater that I had spilled RED juice on. I tried three different products and the stains were not coming out. Now I was out of options. Then I thought well since nothing works and I’ll probably have to ditch the sweater any way, I might as well try your product on it. It couldn’t do any worse! I got my sweater out of the dryer and just about did flips! Your product had gotten out any remnants of the stains and it never left any signs that it ever happened. I NEVER have had a cleaning product that could get stains out of white material and it’s practically mandatory for me to spill something on any white clothes I wear. My husband always says you know you’re going to get a stain on it because it’s white ( and I love white clothes). I purchased it at a car wash and if they ever stop selling it I’m coming straight to the Company to get more. I know you probably don’t get a lot of comments on your products, but this is the real deal. Thank you, thank you, thank you!    Shirley L. Davis - Senatobia, Mississippi I have never found a product as good as your carpet and stain remover. When I purchased this item I figured it was new to me and I will try. I can’t express how it is to find an item that really works, I was shocked. This is one product that I will tell others to buy. Thank you, you have made a hit with me…...................... Shirley L. Davis   Lee Odom - Lewiston, ID. To Whom It May Concern Several years ago, I tried your Carpet & Stain Remover Spray on my truck’s interior after several cans of soda exploded over everything inside. I had used other cleaners before, but never one like yours! It was amazing & I was very impressed. I have used it many times since then. A few months ago, I got a new puppy. Housetraining was a MUST! During his training, he had several ‘accidents’. Since the condo I live in is rented, I had to find something to clean the stains. The store I went to either did not carry your product or was sold out, so I decided on another one claiming to be "THE Revolutionary way To DEEP Clean". I think it should have been named instead "The Old Time Way To Get DEEP In Your Pockets"! It didn’t work at all. I drove around town to find your product & after finding it, came back & used it with AWESOME results! Thanks for making a GREAT product! I would be in your commercial ANY DAY! Sincerely, A customer FOR LIFE!! Lee Odom
DIANE ADAM - CINCINNATI, OHIO I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW YOUR BLUE MAGIC CARPET STAIN/SPOT LIFTER IS THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE EVER USED.. I HAVE TRIED MANY PRODUCTS TO REMOVE STAINS FROM MY CARS CARPET BUT YOUR PRODUCT IS AMAZING! BRAVO TO YOU FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!  DIANE ADAM Sherri I am completely amazed by the BlueMagic Carpet & Stain Lifter!!! I would do a commercial for this product in a flash!!! I dropped a paint roller while climbing up the ladder. I was using a dark olive green paint and I dropped it (fully wet with paint) onto off-white carpet. BlueMagic brought it out!!!!!  I would like to add that I used it to get paint off the baseboards…brought it right off. In addition, we grouted a backsplash in the kitchen and got some grout on our ceramic tile floor and I did not realize it until several days later. I tried scrapping it off with my fingernails and cleaning products. Nope. Then, I saw the BlueMagic can and thought it couldn’t hurt to try it. It worked!!! BlueMagic cleaned the dried grout off the tile immediately! I am certain my list of uses is going to grow for a long time!!!!!!!!!!! This is more than just a carpet cleaner!!!!!!! AWESOME PRODUCT!!!

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