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TR-3 Resin Glaze Polish

  • World's best resin glaze

  • Restores old, faded and oxidized finishes to new in one easy application

  • Cleans, shines, protects

  • Can be used with buffers and polishers

  • TR3

#12A, 16 FL. OZ. (473 mL) Can #15A, 1 gal. (3.78 L) Bottle (not shown)



TR-3 Resin Glaze is a scientifically developed non-abrasive formula designed to thoroughly and easily clean, polish and protect your car’s finish. Each ingredient has been selected to perform a specific function in the treatment process of cleaning and protecting your car. Several ingredients combine to help lift off old waxes, road film and surface contamination, while other ingredients help remove oxidized old paint to leave behind a smooth surface of clean paint. After the contaminants have been removed, the resins begin to form a durable shield that not only protects your car’s finish, but leaves a brilliant shine.


Waxing your car has long been the accepted method to give your car a shiny look and, presumably, to protect it from the evils of exposure to everyday elements. However, waxes and wax-based products are more soluble and easier to wash off than TR-3 Resin Glaze and so they provide only somewhat limited protection. TR-3 Resin Glaze offers you the protection of specially selected resins formulated to give you a long lasting, weather-resistant shine.

Application of TR-3 Resin Glaze accomplishes three jobs in one for you:
1. Thoroughly cleans the surface.
2. Gives the surface a high luster polish.
3. Protects the surface against further damage from harmful elements.


1. It is best to pre-wash your car to avoid the abrasive action by dirt and contaminants. Using gentle pressure, direct the water towards the car at an angle letting the water run from the top to the bottom. After washing, dry your car with a chamois or other soft cloth, and you are ready to apply TR-3 Resin Glaze.
2. TR-3 Resin Glaze is specially designed so that it is easy to use and at the same time provides you with maximum results. In cooler weather, you may apply TR-3 in either the sun or the shade. However, if the car’s metal is too hot to rest your hand on comfortably, you should move the car into the shade. This prevents the polish from drying too quickly to allow the cleaner to sink in deeply and clean thoroughly.
3. Start with a soft, clean cloth. The cloth is very important in the application of any polish as some can be more abrasive than others. We recommend 100% cotton as it tends to be the least abrasive. DO NOT use a cloth made of synthetic materials; many can cause scratches and other damage to your car’s surface. Keep several extra cloths on hand so you can change to fresh ones often; contaminants and impurities can actually be deposited back into the paint if you continue using the same soiled cloth.

4. Apply TR-3 Resin Glaze to the cloth, and then apply the cloth the car’s surface, working in small areas about two square feet each. It is not necessary to rub hard; just massage the polish in well until a haze develops and the shine begins to appear, and then continue on to the next area. Within a short time, a light powdery film will appear on the polished surfaces which indicates the cleaners have lifted out the impurities and are ready to be wiped away. Use a fresh cloth and turn the cloth frequently. You will discover that underneath the powdery film there is a tough shield of resins that are still being absorbed into the paint to protect it from further damage by harsh elements.
5. TR-3 Resin Glaze is also an excellent buffing formula. Using a new lamb’s wool pad, apply TR-3 to the pad and then apply the pad to the surface. Clean the pad regularly with a cleaning wheel during the job. If the polish dries too quickly, add a little water. After the entire car has been buffed, wipe it down by hand with a soft, clean cloth.
6. Allow 2-3 hours for the resin to set before washing or exposing the car to water.


TR-3 Resin Glaze is neither a wax nor a polymer, but a unique product that can give you the ultimate in protection and shine for your car, but proper application procedure is important in order to obtain optimum results. TR-3 Resin Glaze is a polish and the best description of the proper application technique is to “massage” the polish thoroughly into the paint. TR-3 Resin Glaze is formulated to make it as easy as possible for you to use. However, paints vary and certain characteristics natural to some paints may require additional applications before the final clear shine comes through.

Streaking, shadows, dullness, cloudiness and reappearance of oxidation are usually signs that the car’s surface is heavily contaminated, but reapplication of TR-3 Resin Glaze should correct the problem.

Be sure you are using enough TR-3 Resin Glaze. Often the problem is simply that the amount of TR-3 used was not enough to really deep clean and shine the car’s surface.

Color metallic finishes tend to oxidize deeply and quickly, and these finishes may require more work or additional applications. However, the result will be a more beautiful and long lasting shine and help slow down the natural process of oxidation (see Cautions).

TR-3 Resin Glaze brings out the beauty and shine of the existing good paint on your car. Here are a few more pointers to assure you the best possible results:

If the polish seems to dry too fast, add 5-10% water. This mixture will be lumpy, but it works well and allows you more working time.

Although you may wipe down the surface as soon as it is dry, you may obtain better results if you wait an hour or two before the final wipe-down. This simply leaves more resins on the surface.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned and polished your vehicle, additional applications twice a year should maintain your car’s shiny, protected appearance. Remember—streaking, shadows, dullness and premature oxidation are only signs that additional application is needed. The true guide for the frequency of application of TR-3 Resin Glaze should be your own individual circumstances: climate, environmental conditions, whether or not your vehicle is garaged, etc.


Special care should be taken with silver metallic finishes due to the aluminum chip particles within the paint that oxidize deeply and quickly. In a few extreme cases, the silver metallics will have oxidized down to the metal and there is very little “live” or good paint left. Although this is seldom the case, we do recommend that you test in an inconspicuous area on the roof or hood. Be sure to use a soft, clean non-synthetic cloth to thoroughly massage the polish into the paint and carefully follow the general application instructions. Two or three applications may be necessary before all the old, oxidized paint comes out. Do not be alarmed if you notice black or colored residue on the cloth. This residue consists of the oxides and other impurities being removed that prevented your car from looking its best.

TR-3 Resin Glaze returns the original luster to your car’s finish and “difficult” jobs usually just require additional applications and a little more work. TR-3 does not remove good paint, so if the polished spot appears to be dull, flat or hazy looking, chances are that your car is far too badly oxidized and there is very little good paint left. We would not, therefore, recommend the use of TR-3 on your.

Cars with custom lacquer paint jobs also should be spot tested. The variable qualities of these lacquers are difficult to determine even with the most expensive jobs, and TR-3 Resin Glaze will remove poor quality lacquers.

TR-3 Resin Glaze is scientifically formulated to deposit a layer of protective resins designed for maximum protection of your car’s surfaces. Since these resins are not optically clear, TR-3 should not be used on critical, see-through surfaces.

Steve Abernathy - Cypress, TX

Just had to tell you how great the TR3 product is! I was looking for something to restore the front end of my travel trailer (fiberglass). I had about given up as it would not take wax and compound did nothing. I was about ready to have it repainted, when I found the TR3 at O’ Rileys. With nothing to lose but the cost of the TR3, I bought and went after it.
WOW! I was amazed the product worked, when I was thinking it probably would not. I then took the trailer out on a trip and came back. My first wash and almost all the bugs came right off. I then applied my 2nd coat of TR3 as I saw a few dull spots. The shine picked up even more. With the tips from your sight, I think one more coat and I will have it looking like new.
I also put it on my 2001 F250. I was amazed as it removed all kinds of blemishes, scuffs and even minor scratches. In fact, I had some scratches on the roof from a cat that I had not been able to get out with other products and they were removed along with some minor scratches from south Texas brush at the deer lease. Along with road tar, pecan sap, etc…all gone.
So I have now done my daughter’s 2001 4Runner with great results and my son did his 1996 S10. I then bought your leather care products and found the same results on the leather.
Now I am scouring your website for other products to see if they work as well as the others. I have already been telling others about the TR3 and leather products. Thanks for making products that deliver on the promise.
Steve Abernathy
Cypress, TX

Rick Pirozzoli - Palm Beach , Fl.

Your TR 3 is a superior product . My 99 Audi A6 had badly oxidized paint on the trunk lid and roof thanks to being exposed to the South Florida elements 24/7/365 , with the Atlantic only 100 yards away . I asked my local auto body shop if they could buff it out and their solution was a new paint job . I later found your product at Pep Boys , after two applications the results far exceeded my expectations . My car once again looks presentable and I saved bigtime . Thanks

  Mike Lankin - Shakopee, MN.
  I just wanted to say how much I love your TR3 Polish. I use it on my tractor trailer, motorcycles, and all of our cars. I cannot tell you guys how many different people I have got hooked on your product from just showing them how well it works on their vehicles after they saw mine and asked what I used. I have my own tractor trailer and travel across the USA and stay in many truck stops. Drivers think my tractor is maybe a year old and it is really 10 years old. When I show them how well it works, they just cant believe their eyes. We just recently moved to Shakopee, MN. from Southern CA. and I cant seem to find any auto part stores or other locations that might carry your product, I was wondering if you could let me know where it is sold close to me so that I could pick more up. Thank you for your product and your time…Mike Lankin

Russ Rudez-Edgewood, MD
TR-3 Resin Glaze
I don’t know who made this stuff, or how you guys do it, but I am a customer for LIFE!
I recently purchased a 91 Miata that needed some TLC. The last phase was paint. The “Classic Red” had been reduced to chalky pink. I buffed my car last week using a good cutting compound and I was about to use my good ole trusty wax. Before I got the chance, I went to PepBoys in search of some materials I needed to do some other paint work on the car. After picking up my supplies, I went over to the wax/ polish section and browsed.
Before I go any further…I was a DIE HARD Eagle1 fan. I have used their Teflon wax for years on any black or red car. I didn’t see it (just saw their new nano-wax). I was searching high and low. It was when I was on the low search that I see this polished plain boring can with blue letters. Not to be fooled with marketing hype and pretty containers I was intrigued. I read about it; looked at the price tag and though “$8, hmmm, I’ll give this a shot…”
Two hours later, my car was GLOWING! Best part it, it was night time under a florescent street light.
If you need some sort of testimonial, I’d be happy to give you some sort of zinger like; “Best polish I have ever bought!”
In all seriousness, you guys saved me roughly $1000+ on a repaint.
Keep up the good work!
Oh, and I let the entire Miata community know, I have written a review which should show up on shortly! we Miata fans love anything that makes our cars look good!
I don’t know what else you guys make that I can use, but rest assured, I’ll be looking fo

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